How to fix cigarette burns in cars

The majority of people spend most of their time in their car, at present some people use car as a mobile home for them. When people have habit going long drive with high speed noticing that suddenly you crashing down the open road or you can spend hours in running errands all these can results upholstery you can see a big burn mark.

When some hot things touch your upholstery then it makes a hole especially if you have habit of smoking cigarette inside the car then your car have more chances in upholstery.

Methods to remove cigarette burns out of upholstery:

Some would panic when they see upholstery in the car and now there is no need to panic because there are several ways to remove the burn stains. Instead of going upholstery repair center you can repair upholstery by yourself. Here you can learn how to get burns out of upholstery step by step below are some methods listed below

fix cigarette burns in cars

Method 1:

  • To remove the cigarette burns you have to rub a bit of mayonnaise on top of the burn hole in upholstery.
  • Give few minutes for mayonnaise to get soak into upholstery.
  • Using water and cloth take off mayonnaise you can find the cigarette burn marks are removed by mayonnaise.
  • Even then if you see any burn marks then you can scratch that with knife to get rid of burn marks.
  • Other way to remove burn marks use small razor remove a fabric piece from under the seat that piece can be used to cover the burn marks, if your car has pattern upholstery ensure that cutted piece has same pattern.
  • You can apply fabric glue to the cutted fabric piece and attach over the burn marks while doing this you should ensure that all burn areas are completely covered.

These are traditional way for removing cigarette burn marks out of upholstery and if you are using cloth upholstery then you can check to method 2 which is listed below

remove the burn stains

Method 2:

  • In order to remove burn marks from cloth car upholstery you can use razor blade scrape seats once you place that in burn marks area, then it will start to remove some lint and fibers.
  • Stick same pattern fiber cloth on burn marks using super glue.

One can get rid of cigarette burn marks in upholstery by following above said methods and you can follow either anyone method following step by step process. If you want more advanced upholstery care done by a professional expert with fine equipment then you can approach representative of any leading upholstery cleaning centers. There are several upholstery cleaning centers which offers several addition benefits such as total cleaning services to car were some cleaning centers provides reductions to regular customers and you can also make use of coupons in online. Even you can book for the cleaning through online itself but ensure that spot removal of burn marks is the best way to avoid further damages.

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