How to protect your classic car from fuel ethanol products

Nowadays most of the people love to own and drive the classic car to feel the traditional. Unfortunately by running this vintage cars will be creating many issues when you are using the contemporary gasoline containing ethanol fuel.

Most of these cars run best on the pure gasoline that is not treated with the ethanol fuel. If you are facing this kind of issues in your classic car then you can use the ethanol fuel filter where this has been specifically designed for reducing the problems created by the gasoline ethanol.

gas treatment for old cars

When you are using the classic cars then you need to do the regular maintenance on daily basis that includes checking the engine oil, tyre condition, checking mileage and fuel consumption.

Before making the purchase of the classic cars you need to know about the ethanol fuel and issues created by this fuel. In which you must also want to know the safety of the ethanol fuel when you are using the classic cars for daily drive, more importantly you need to know the bad effects of using ethanol in your car and how to determine to the risk and ethanol fuel problems by using the ethanol fuel for your classic cars. The ethanol is an addictive used for enhancing the quality of gasoline; technically it is made from the renewable biological sources such as like corn, switch grass and grains. When it is blended at 10 percent then ethanol is said to increase the octane rating of the fuel at three points. The advantage of the ethanol is that it is a natural reduction in tailpipe emission and good at decreasing the carbon monoxide because it contains higher oxygen content.

Steps to avoid the ethanol fuel problems in your classic car

Many of the classic cars run in the ethanol fuel and this fuel create many issues in the car and reduces the mileage and fuel efficiency of your car vehicle. There are many ways available that you need to do for protecting your car from the ethanol fuel problems. They are.

  • Use nylon tubing or ethanol resistant to replace any rubber or plastic fuel lines
  • Replace the fiberglass fuel tanks with the stainless steel tank
  • Use the water separator filter in the fuel line that leading to the carburetor this is because you can collect the water in the filter very easily.
  • A carburetor fogging solution prevents the condensation from the filling the fuel bowls
  • In your car vehicle change out any O-rings in the fuel system to ethanol compatible rings.
  • Use non-alcohol oriented fuel handling to prevent extreme water collection in your fuel. But the ethanol oriented fuel gas treatment for old cars worsen the troubles caused by the E10 gas

When you follow the above steps then it will makes you less costs and it will defend your car from the problems associated with the E10 fuel in the old car. By the help of following these steps on the regular basis you can protect your classic car from the problems of the ethanol fuel.

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